lunedì 18 gennaio 2010

Netizens to advise lawmakers!!

REN Yuejun, a villager in central China's Hunan Province, who is better known online as "Undeserved Kindness," has fulfilled his first political ambition: he has gone from voicing his opinions online to becoming a real-life political adviser.

As one of China's first "Netizen deputies" to attend political advisory sessions, Ren handed in his proposal on village economic development to the Yueyang County Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), an advisory body to the government, before it closed on January 9.

"The proposal was discussed at the meeting, and is expected to be sent to concerned government authorities for review," said the 46-year-old farmer in an interview with Xinhua last Wednesday.

A Netizen "Laoniu" in north China's Henan Province became the first Chinese "Netizen deputy" in January 2009, when he was elected to the Luoyang Municipal Committee of the National People's Congress, the legislature. Ren was inspired by "Laoniu's" success and became an active chatter on, a popular Chinese chat forum opened by the Hunan provincial government.

"In my proposal to the CPPCC, I suggested that every village should focus on developing a 'feature economy.' I first posted the idea at the chat room I chaired at in March 2009," he said. "I said online that Chetang Village should plan and develop a core business related to the area's resources," he said of the "feature economy" idea.

"When I checked the reply messages to my post, I was surprised to find one of them was left by Peng Guofu, secretary of the Yueyang County Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC)."

Peng supported Ren's feature economy idea, and said he would share it with his colleagues. Then, in January the official endorsed a new idea from Ren that Netizens should have a voice in the county's political advisory session.

"China's CPPCC constitution allows local CPPCC committees to nominate people from democratic parties and social groups as deputy members. We can expect to hear more honest voices from the Internet and media, as the county CPPCC committee now includes 'Netizen deputies'," said Peng.

Ren and another netizen have become "Netizen deputies" who would serve on the committee for the next three years. The real name of the other deputy known online as "xwjYunxuan" was Xu Weijun, a grain company employee under the county's food bureau.

He was voted by users as a candidate for the CPPCC deputy membership because of his "political advisory" experience. He was active in discussing social and economic issues related to Yueyang.