lunedì 23 marzo 2009

Wen Jiabao - INNOVARE per battere la crisi!

L'Innovazione quale arma anti crisi. 

Queste le parole usate dal Premier Cinese che dimostrano un'approccio ben diverso rispetto a quello Occidentale TROPPO finanziario.

Ma il passaggio fondamentale è quello che ritiene la proprietà intellettuale il cuore della competizione nell'Economia moderna.

"PREMIER Wen Jiabao has called on enterprises and officials to place priority on industrial upgrading and innovation, urging them to move "early rather than late" to ride through the global financial crisis.

Chinese companies should focus on adjusting product structure, improving quality and upgrading technology in the face of economic woes, said Wen during a visit to enterprises in the northeastern Liaoning Province over the weekend. The three-day visit ended yesterday.

Efforts should be especially stepped up to develop new products and foster intellectual property rights, while the government must cut burdens for enterprises and provide an easy environment for their innovation, said Wen.

"Intellectual property rights are at the heart of economic competition in modern times," Wen said, adding that the government must combine scientific and technological innovation with the bid to boost economic growth."